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Da Nang, The Tourist Capital of Central Vietnam

Da Nang is not always a part of once itinerary while visiting Vietnam but trust me there is a lot to experience in Da Nang. You will get a different kind of experience here, comparing to the other parts of Vietnam.


The tourist capital of Central Vietnam, Da Nang is the midpoint between the Country’s Capital Hanoi in the north and Financial Capital Ho Chi Minh in the south.

From metropolitan city and its modern bridges to nature’s bestowed mountain and sparkling beaches, Da Nang has everything which a tourist place can offer.

Things to do in Da Nang

1. Ba Na Hills

One of the most attractive tourist spots in Da Nang, Ba Na Hills is a ride to a cultural and adventurous experience. Ba Na Hills is like the Disneyland of Da Nang offering Adventure Activities, Panoramic Views, Fantasy Park, Spiritual points and many more.

20 km from Da Nang, Ba Na Hills at the height of approximately 1500 m above the sea level is a heavenly place with spectacular climate all round the year. The only way to reach the top is through the cable car passing through the glimmering clouds, dense jungle and astonishing waterfalls.

My suggestion would be to keep 1 whole day for this place and enjoy each and everything because Ba Na Hills has a lot to offer.

Checkout the link to know about Ba Na Hills in detail:


Sun World’s Ba Na Hills

2. Dragon Bridge

Ever thought of a bridge to be in the shape of a Dragon which spits fire? How cool that would be! 😀

Dragon Bridge in Da Nang is one of its kind which is constructed to look exactly like a dragon and changing colors constantly. This 6-lane bridge is the longest in the country with the approximate length of 666 meters.

If you are there on weekends, you can get a chance to see the bridge illuminate in different colors and spit fire at 9:00 PM.

Locals believe that the shape of dragon personifies power, dignity and good fortune.

Part of Dragon Bridge. Couldn’t get whole bridge due to angle issues.

3. My Khe Beach

With warm and golden sands, My Khe Beach is a place to relax after a tiring but most amazing Ba Na Hills trip.

Stretched for 20 miles along the coastline of Da Nang, you can sunbathe, relax or snorkel while at My Khe Beach. Delicious seafood restaurants are also lined up, if you are a seafood lover.

Beach after a Sunset

4. Street Food

Just like other parts of Vietnam, Da Nang is also a heavenly place for foodies. Exploring the street food of Da Nang can be the best activity a foodie can do.

You can find one just near the Dragon bridge offering many delicacies. Ample number of options such as Barbeques, fried snacks, noodles, rice, desserts etc. can be found and tried here.

Food Options

5. Other Attractions

This is not over yet! There are many other exciting places, one can visit while in Da Nang. Two of them are:

  • Lady Buddha
  • The Marble Mountain

Other Useful Information

How to Reach Danang

The best and fastest way to reach Da Nang is via flight from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh. Alternatively, you can take a bus, train or a private taxi to reach Danang depending on where you are coming from.

Best Way to Explore Danang

Best way to explore Danang is via private taxi or scooter. But considering the traffic at the metropolitan side of the city, I will prefer scooter over a taxi.

Best Time to Visit Danang

The best time to visit Da Nang is October to January when the weather is cooler. Although, this is the time when Da Nang is most crowded but good weather is very important if you want to explore the places.


We didn’t face much issues with language in Da Nang. The only challenge comes when you are at the night market and trying street food.

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