Bagpack Life was created keeping a single objective in mind.
“One-stop guide to planning a trip”.

  • How should I plan my trip?
  • When should I go on a trip?
  • How much will it cost on my pocket?
  • What all places can I visit?
  • How long should I plan?

If you have all the above questions while planning a trip, then Bagpack Life will be your stop. Read along!

About Bagpack Life

Bored with the monotonous and mundane routine, people seek a new experience in life. Travel is an ideal experience that can pump blood through your veins. Through travel you can meet your inner self, you come to know how you react to new people and new experiences.

People these days love to challenge themselves with new destinations, new cultures, new languages, and new experiences. The challenges you face when you do not know the language while ordering food or finding transport can teach a lot. In the end, the satisfaction and happiness you get after ending such a trip are priceless.

So, while planning a trip, there are various kinds of information we look for in order to plan an amazing itinerary, such as:

  • Best places to visit
  • Food and Accommodation
  • Best time to visit
  • Transport facility (Private + Public)
  • Cellular networks
  • Number of days required
  • Budget
  • Visa and Currency information (if applicable)

Whenever we are planning a trip, we have to scroll through many websites and blogs to get the above information. Keeping this in mind, we wanted to create a platform where people can get all such necessary information at a single place. Hence, Bagpack Life was created.

Every destination, itinerary, information has been personally experienced by Bagpack Life creators and close friends. We don’t promote any accommodations, restaurants, transports. Any mention of such things is only after the use. 

So, read along if you want a complete information cum guide to planning your successful itinerary. Contact Bagpack Life if you want some specific information or if you want us to write about any specific destination

About me

Ankur Dulwani

I am a techie by profession and a traveler by passion. Working as a Technical Lead in one of the IT company, I was bitten by a travel bug around 6 years ago. Since then, the journey has been an amazing mix of man-made technology and Earth’s creations.

I love high speed internet while working, but a total disconnect when I am in the lap of nature.

I am a nature lover. I love strolling in the middle of a jungle, acquit myself on beach waves, plunge into a waterfall and feel the aura of mountains. I love to sleep in homestays, try local cuisines and utilize public transport.

While traveling, I had some amazing experiences in terms of cultural diversity, food habits, local transports, and communications which I wanted to share with everyone and hence, created Bagpack Life. I am a budget traveler, so, most of the blogs you will read here will be around planning a budget trip, mostly in the lap of mother nature. 

Ankur Dulwani


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